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If you're frustrated by ineffective ostomy odor control, consider what Na'Scent users have to say about our ostomy odor eliminator. Already part of the Na'Scent family? Feel free to write us a review!

"I have been an ileostomate since August, 1977. Since that time I have tried and tried and experimented with many “odor eaters” for the effluence made by ostomates. In a word, I did not succeed! I tried drops, pills, sprays – just about everything conceivable and nothing worked for me. Through all these years I’ve had my wife (whose olfactory senses are, on a scale of 1-10, an 11) tell me [well here goes] it stinks—close the door to the bedroom! The bathroom door was already closed but the odor permeated the entire area. I have finally found my odiferous saving grace. It’s Na`Scent, my wife is proof in the pudding. When she says to me—Shel, I don’t smell anything—I’ve found the answer. Please don’t ever go out of business. In fact, I hope your business will expand to include room sprays, etc. Whatever you’ve done –it’s taken me 23 years to find but I am now one happy camper. I carry small bottles with me wherever I go. I have no fear of embarrassment anymore wherever I go. I also keep bottles in every bathroom in my house. Kudos to you, keep up the good work. I will spread my good news throughout the ostomy community. Thank you."

"For the first time in 25 years, I am confident there is "no odor" from my ileostomy. I don’t have to worry about embarrassing moments or feel uneasy to be in a crowded room close to people. I can honestly say, having my ileostomy for the past 25 years, I have tried everything from pills to powder. With Na`Scent, a few sprays into my pouch and the next time I empty, the odor is neutralized, often times to absolutely no odor. I can confidently eat seafood again, from shrimp to any kind of fish, without feeling like I have to change my pouch completely, to eliminate the strong odor. I am at ease now when I am visiting friends and I am able to use their restroom without fear of noticeable, offensive odors. No more waiting for the public restroom to clear out before I empty my pouch! Na`Scent can and truly has enhanced my quality of life with an ostomy. "
Linda Bures Past President, Olympia Ostomy Chapter

"I was given a sample of your Na`Scent product at a support group meeting last month. As an ileostomate—your product is a true blessing in my active life! After trying your product for a week I ordered the larger refill size. I plan to keep a small bottle in my purse and in every bathroom in my home. I will also keep some in a spray bottle in each bathroom. I appreciate the fact that your product does not mask odors with a fragrance, it just dispels the odor. It really works and I plan to help get the word out among our ostomates in our local chapter. Thank you for this excellent product. Na`Scent has helped alleviate a major issue in my daily life!"
Paula H.


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"I’ve had an Ileostomy since 2012. I was not prepared as it was an emergency surgery. So I didn’t know much. I heard about Na’Scent from my Ostomy magazine. I’ve tried it just this year and it’s the best ever! I’ve tried sprays, deodorants, even perfume and Pinesol. Nothing worked! Happy now! Thanks for the sample! "
Lynda H.
Lynda, Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. We wish you all the best! :)
"I’ve had my stoma since 2014 and have always struggled with the smell . So embarrassing especially in public restroom and friends houses . Na’Scent is an absolute game changer . Almost no smell whatsoever after a squirt inside the bag . Have come back to reorder in bulk . Fantastic product "
Louise Carney
"OMG. Fabulous. "
Errin Dawson
Our customers feed Back always makes me smile! :)
"My husband was very self conscious about his new ostomy smelling. NaScent has been a game changer for us. He now has the confidence to go out in public. Thank you for a great product. "
"The Na'Scent really seems to have taken care of the problem. Thanks for providing a free sample so I could check out the product."
Helen Welborn
"Excellent produit pour éliminer l'odeur à la source. J'ai une colostomie fonctionnant comme une iléostomie et j'utilise na'scent à tous les jours. Je le recommande. Translation: Excellent product to eliminate the smell at the source. I have a colostomy that works like an ileostomy and I use Na`Scent every day. I recommend it."
R. Guilbert
Thank you so much for your great feedback! Our customers satisfaction and quality of life is our #1 Priority!
"Finally a product that truly works!! I find I don't have to squirt near as much in my pouch as I do the other products. I would like to find a spray tho that works as well. Not a fake lower awful masking smell. 😜 Thanks again for your product!! I doubt you truly can understand why we patients are so appreciative! Best regards!"
Kelly H
"I've had an ileostomy for 40+ years and have tried various odor eliminating products over those years. Nothing works like NaScent and customer service is outstanding! Love this product! Highly, highly recommend!"
"I have been quite pleased with this product. It really does a good job on the odor and is fairly effective as a lubricant too. "
"I have had an ileostomy for the past 60 years and for many years I have been using M9 by Hollister. A friend gave me a sample of Na Scent and I found it to be a much superior product. Now I just need to locate a retail outlet that sells Na Scent in Canada"
"Na`Scent Ostomy Odor Control product is by far exceeds all of its competitor Colorplast, Convatec, Hollister... to name a few. Patient bought bigger bottle and was having small bottle samples for traveling."
"I have used Na Scent for years, its available on NHS . Its given me so much confidence over the years so I can go any where and not be embarrassed by left odors in some ones bathroom."
" I love this product and ordered more. The second batch I just wasn’t sure about. It didn’t seem to take care of odors the way the first group did. I contacted the owners of the product and after a few hits and misses they were very quick to make everything right again. It’s really surprised me because I have already used up the faulty product and was trying to order more. However, they even worked with that and let me get new product for free. The free part wasn’t what I cared about. It sure shows where their heart was. Thank you so much for caring about the little customers. Thank you! "
Thank you Kelly for sharing your feedback. Our customers satisfaction and quality of life is our #1 Priority!!! :)
"t works better than anything I've tried. It kills the smell instantly."
Charles J. Bufalino
Robert g Quirico
"I love this product, I really do. I was truly concerned with the odors of my new ostomy. I felt embarrassed; I was desperately trying to find a product that was simple to use, discreet and would eliminate odors quickly. I found all of that with Na'Scent. I had tried other products that my ostomy nurse gave me when I left the hospital, but, I wasn't happy with crystals etc. A little research online and I found this product. I am and will be forever grateful for the development of this product. It works perfectly! "
Valerie Foster
Valerie, Thank you so much for your support and feedback. We are very grateful to you for giving Na`Scent a chance and very appreciative for your continued support. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Michelyn Caldwell
"This product made me willing to leave the house! No matter how clean, no matter how new the clothes, certain times I smelled like poop! I would never even go to a doctor appointment, let lone anywhere else, without at least 2 people promising me I smelled fine. I was lucky.....somehow I was sent a sample. I am now HOOKED!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!"
Marla, You are very welcome! And thank you so much for your review on Na`Scent. This is why we do what we do. Helping to make a difference in the quality of life for people living with an ostomy.
"When I was in the hospital after my recent bowel resection surgery, I couldn't bear the smell that emanated from my new ostomy. I was so upset at the thought of having to contend with this fowl smell for the rest of my life...No one warned me about that part of having an ostomy. The hospital gave me a few products to try and a pamphlet on Na'Scent. I am here to say that this product is the best. A couple of drops and NO smell. I will always have a bottle of this product with me. The sample sizes are perfect for traveling too. Thank you for this incredible product! Your forever customer. "
Valerie Foster
"Thanks!!! It's amazing!!!"
Gabriela Rivera
"My colostomy was the result of a surgery gone bad, so you can imagine that i wasn't happy about it to begin with. Then add to that the unexpected odor and I was doubly unhappy! Actually fit-to-be-tied! Constant worry about odor was having an effect on my social life, and I tried everything I could get my hands on to eliminate the stench...nothing worked. After much research I found Na 'Scent (liked the name :)) and contacted Michelyn who spent a good deal of time on the phone with me - EXCELLENT customer care! My samples arrived in short order and I couldn't believe how well it worked. My ostomy nurse did have me try M9, and it wasn't too bad (if you can get beyond the airplane toilet blue water), but Na 'Scent is better at odor elimination, hands down. Thank you Michelyn for an awesome product and for the continued awesome customer service!"
M Norman
"It is rare in this life to get something that really works as advertised. Nascent samples arrived and I could not believe how effectively just 5 drops killed much of the odor associated with my ileostomy. Immediately I placed an order for a larger bottle so I did not feel I needed to count out every drop. I can now use the small sample bottle to carry with me when out in public. So nice to not worry about odor in a public restroom. "
Loretta M.
Loretta, Thank you so much for your review. It's a good feeling knowing we have helped make a difference in your daily quality of life. Sincerely, Michelyn Caldwell
"I tried a few products before Na Scent but only use this now for over a year I have been pleased with the results, it dose work."
"Thank you for the free samples. I dread every time I go to bathroom. The odor makes me sick. You have a good product!"
"I love this product. I recently went to Guatemala with 6 women. There was one bathroom. I forgot to use my Nascent, I put 4 drops in the already full bag and there was no odor! I couldn't believe it! I am a believer this is the BEST product on the market!"
"I recently got an ileostomy and was mortified while in the hospital when the nurses would empty and/or change the bag, the smell made me sick to my stomach. I was terrified at the thought of this odor and using a public bathroom and the possibility of leaks...The ostomy nurse gave me a bunch of informational pamphlets and one was for your product, so I ordered the 2 sample bottles. When I tried it, I found the odor was completely gone with just a few drops! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your product made a difficult situation bearable! "
Valerie Foster
"Great product!! controls odors, safe and effective even helps with" pancaking" around the stoma...nothing better on the market for odor elimination!!"
New Orleans ostomate
"Takes away odors better than any product on market! Harmless to bag and skin, and cheaper by the case. Great product, safe and works!"
"safe to skin and effective odor controller. Product is a must for ostomates!!"
Maria F.
"Thank you for the free samples. I really like the product - colorless , not oily and it works."
Donald Gadd
"Best product on the market! I have the confidence in the odor control this product gives me. Bought a case on line and carry the 1 oz. bottle when on the go. Free shipping! Safe on skin and harmless to the environment."
Al F.
"Before this product I felt like a shut in to my house. I was held up by the fear of odor. Na'Scent has given me my life back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
"Nascent is a must for ostomates, I carry around the one oz. bottle when on the go, buy it by the case for best value. Product is harmless to skin and does not compromise the seal of the bag. "
"Na' Scent is amazing! It removes ALL odor! I never would have heard about it if it wasn't for my friend who texted me a link for a free sample. We need to get the news out there that this is available and it works!!!"
Patti Scarborough
"I have had an ileostomy when I was 24 years old and this was made permanent some 12 years later. There was no social media back in the day and I must have tried every product the UK market had to offer to help neutralise the odour from my pouch but nothing worked. Last year I joined a Facebook group and asked the question of others and Na'scent was recommended. Quite simply it changed my life! Simple as that. It does EXACTLY what it says. I can go to the toilet anywhere with confidence and without embarrassment. Thank you, thank you, thank you. "
Steve Kaddish
"Best odor controller on the market! the product is safe to use and safe for the environment. Carry the one oz. bottle when travelling, only takes a few drops to cut odors. Thanks for a great product!!"
"Love the product! Had my Ostomy since 2012, I've also got C Diff since my surgery that won't go away and if any of you have had to experience the horrors of a c diff infection, you know all to well the putrid stench that goes with it. Ever pass out from your own odors? I am so thankful to NaScent for taking away that stench, I can even burp my bag with no shame! I've woken my husband up from a dead sleep burping my bag once! It was that bad! Poor guy deserves to sleep uninterrupted by zombie farts. I also want to thank the makers of NaScent for saving my sanity, I am more likely to get out more. Cannot begin to tell you how important that is to us! I have been spreading the word! Bravo on a great product! "
Gia Jacobson
Gia, Thank you so much for sharing your review and you story with us. Wishing you the best always, Michelyn Caldwell
"Great product for people who use drainable pouches. If you use a disposable pouch it is hard to use because waste can be up by your stoma and the na"scent can get to that waste so it still smells. Awesome product for the right kind of pouch. Thank you very much for the samples. They were much appreciated. "
"Na'Scent is a wonderful product! My colostomy is fairly recent (October 2015) and because I work full time, with many people, sometimes close quarters, and also have a long commute,(driving + public trans) I worried about dealing with odor. I tried many products, but this one really works- all the time. I don't worry. Thank you. Please make it available by the gallon."
"I love this product!!! I only had my Ileostomy for 4 months now but the few products I was given and tried myself did not work in controlling the odor. I was looking around on the Internet one night at different things and saw the Na'Scent. I requested samples and it has worked perfect!!! It totally ilimates all the odor and helps when I empty my bag. Thank you"
"I hate sitting in the small area that I work at a computer and fearing the bag putting off odor from the filter. Truthfully, I don't know why they bother with filters when they don't do what they are supposed to and the odor sometimes leaks out. Now I can feel more comfortable sitting closely and working with people. I couldn't believe that this product would actually work but it does and I'm thrilled. My husband had such a sensitive nose and the odor when I would go to the bathroom at home would make him very frustrated with me even though he understands. Now I can give his sensitive nose a break. Thank you!"
Kimberly E
"I am so glad I decided to order your free samples as I was really stressing about odour. This product works wonders and I no longer have to worry. Thank you for allowing me to try your product first."
Anonymous Too
We are so glad that you reached out to us to try Na`Scent and no longer have to worry about odor. Helping people live a better quality of life with more confidence is, always has been and always will be our ultimate goal. Thank you so much for your feedback.
"I am a nurse as well as an ostomate. Unless you experience the fear and discomfort of the "looks and comments" when you èxit the stall of a públic bathroom: the embarassment and hurt of being told that you are band from using the bathroom used by coworker, one could not put in words How FABULOUS Na'Scent works. Where have you been?? This eliminates the foulness. Thank you SOooo.... Much. "
Brenda F.
Brenda, You are so welcome! I can't begin to tell you how good it makes me feeling knowing we have helped make such a big difference in one more persons life that is living with an ostomy. Wishing you the best always, Michelyn Caldwell
"I am a registered nurse and have worked over 20 years in this field. Previously I hated emptying ostomy bags. However, recently one of my patients had some Na 'Scent. I am happy to tell you all that I will be telling all my future patients about this wonderful product!"
"Your product is amazing! Thank you for the free sample - I'm going to order more immediately...definitely plan to continue using Na Scent as it's the best available!!!"
"Works very well, better than others he tried."
Thomas E. Herring
"I love this product ! It really works !"
Julie nigh
"Having an ileostomy for the past 6 years I have suffered with bad odor bags. Being in a work situation where you have to share the bathroom with multiple employees I would have anxiety about emptying. After finding your product online by chance I ordered the free samples. I have just gone through my first bottle and it has been a godsend. I put 10-12 drops each time I empty and it stays odor free the whole day. I don't have to worry anymore. I just wish I had know sooner about this product. Thanks."
"Having a colostomy wasn't something I was prepared for and the odor was definitely not something I wasn't prepared for. I lived in fear of embarrassing leaks with obnoxious odors. I have a difficult stoma so leaks happened all the time and of course, I could clear a room in a split second. It was so bad and I was mortified until I tried Na'Scent. The first time I used it and there was no odor at all, I cried. I absolutely broke down in tears because I knew I could go out without the worries of odor coming from my pouch. Thank you!!!"
Bless your heart dear! Thank you so much for your feedback and sharing your experience with us.
"This is wonderful. My 15 y.o. is loving not being worried about odor with Na'Scent. Nothing else has work so well. She has confidence to start school now with her new stoma!!"
Thank you so much for your feedback. We wish her nothing but the best and hope she has a wonderful school year.
"I have tried every product on the market for my smelly Ileostomy bag and NOTHING works better than Na 'Scent. I've used drops, sprays, oral tabs, every type of product at least once before I found myself continually coming back to this great product. I don't go anywhere without it. Thank you for keeping me from feeling like I need to rush out of the public restroom before someone discovers I stunk it up!"
Sheri, We sincerely appreciate your review on Na`Scent. It's a great feeling to know that we have helped make a difference in your quality of life living with an ostomy. Thank you so much! M. Caldwell
" This liquid is very good at controlling odor. I have had a colostomy for 15 years and this works great for me. Finally found something that works well."
"We absolutely love this product. The couple of times we have run out remind us of how great NaScent is at making sure we have no odor from my mom's colostomy bag. I have told our home health nurse about it. If they start carrying it then we can get it from them and Medicare will cover it. In the mean time it is worth the money! Thank you so much. If y'all ever want to hire advertisers I would love to hear from you."
Luanne Hannah
"Have tried many products. Na'Scent is amazing - by far the best! "
"Excellent product, far preferable to other ostomy "deodorants" I have tried. No scent; does not cause leakage. Excellent price and delivery service. "
"Best product ever! "
"Works better than anything else I have tried!"
"I am a female and have had an ileostomy for about 28 years. This is absolutely the best product I have ever purchased. Visits to the bathroom can be very uncomfortable around groups of people. I have tried other deodorizers, altoids, breath drops, lighting matches....and just about everything else you could imagine. I even tried not eating before going out so that I wouldn't have to visit the facilities. Not anymore! This product is absolutely amazing! I buy 10 bottles at the time, because it is the best value. The sample bottles are the perfect size for refilling and putting in your purse! I won't be disappointed after purchasing NaScent! "

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